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My name is Deborah Clayton, I started on my spiritual journey from the age of 15 meeting amazing spiritual teachers from Diana Cooper to Doris Stokes. Doing studies at the Arthur Findley college in Stansted and running two shops, one helping children believe in fairies through amazing parties and secondly introducing people to their Angels and supporting their development.

Over a 35 year period I have trained in Aura Soma colour therapy, sound healing, Life Coaching, Angelic channeling and many modalities of healing (my understanding that all comes from the Divine so all is equal). Developed skills in confidence and openness to channel Angelic helpers in an inspiring and loving way to really empower and help people find peace in their lives.

I call myself a Holistic Life coach I am able to blend my energy with others to tune into what is needed to shift old patterns and bring about optimum transformation.  I find my work exciting I do not follow any known structure but open myself up to new guidance and teaching which is given to me through my own daily experiences. I do believe that we all have the gifts of intuition  and I encourage others to believe in their senses, trust their intuition and allow these amazing abilities to become stronger.


“a truly light filled and special day. thank you Debbie for your brilliant work – it helps me so much on my pathway. The guide you brought in for me is with me so powerfully now. – thank you!!” – Sophie B. England

“what can I say? you’re amazing and so radiant! time with you is truly a gift”- Cindy u.s.a

“awesome! thank you for making a wonderful difference in my life!” – Debbie F. U.S.A.

“your reading was such a wonderful experience – but you gave me the gift i needed most – to reaffirm my trust in that the angels will provide all that is needed” – Sue B. Chicago

“unbelievable experience – perfect timing the visuals were extremely profound” – Beverly U.S.A.

“this journey is amazing and i open my heart to the energy” – Becky Hill U.S.A.

“grateful thanks to Debbie as a wonderful channel of light and to my and her guides and angels” – Janet M.

“angels with attitude! i love the way you attune with them” – Fee, Cornwall

absolutely fascinating. I feel enriched and ready to go!” – Sarah H.

“very informative, the most honest and accurate reading ever. Thank you” – Neil W.